Tuesday, 05 April 2022 07:19

J.R. Borja General Hospital Conducts its Annual Fire Drill

Written by Chiara Mae D. Cansino, BSN, RN

Last March 31, 2022, the JR Borja General Hospital staff culminated their month-long fire safety training with a simulation, which was also participzated by select patients and watchers. The fire drill was attended by the city's local fire department marshals, who evaluated the procedure's effectiveness, fire safety equipment, building features, and staff response. The activity was headed by JRBGH’s Disaster Risk Reduction Management in Health and Infection Prevention and Control Office.


The hospital staff enacted its fire response plan during the drill as if a real fire threat was present. Practiced adherence to the hospital's fire response plan in last Thursday's exercise ensures staff confidence in the event of a fire; they can remove patients from harm's way and manage the situation effectively and efficiently.