Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about our hospital services.

Alternatively, we have a 24/7 hotline which can answer all urgent questions about our services, but you cannot book appointments or ambulance transport using the hotline. You also cannot use it to contact hospital staff.

Our hospital hotline number is 0926-887-0471

What medical services are available at JRBGH?

1. Emergency cases

Our emergency room is open 24/7/365. At our emergency room, treatments and procedures will include evaluation by a doctor, and may include lab work, radiological studies (X-rays and ultrasound), ECG for heart evaluation, medication administration, and minor surgeries for wound dressings or wound closure. This is where a doctor will evaluate if you are to be admitted at our wards.

2. Outpatient consultations We offer face to face consultations and teleconsultations for non-emergent, non-urgent cases. We are open from 8am-3pm Monday to Friday except on holidays. For face to face consultations, you may proceed to our OPD. For teleconsultations, you may access our different contact numbers and social media (see section on teleconsultation below).

3. Inpatient wards If our doctor decides that you need to be admitted, you will be transported to our wards depending on your case classification. We have wards dedicated for adult medicine, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedic, OB-gyne and critical cases (critical care unit and neonatal care unit for newborn deliveries)

4. Eyecare and Surgicare The Eyecare and Surgicare Units facilitate indigent patients who need eye surgery such as cataract operations or secondary minor and major surgical operations. Minor surgeries performed include goiter, hernia, and cysts while major surgeries include cholecystectomy, mastetoctomy, cleft lip and palate.

5. Animal Bite Treatment Center The Center provides pre-exposure and post-exposure rabies vaccinations for free.

6. Women’s Reproductive Health Clinic The clinic provides a complete range of Family Planning methods as well as prenatal and postnatal counselling.

7. Dental Medicine Our dental medicine clinic is closed temporarily because of COVID-19. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

What is teleconsultation and how do I register for it?
Teleconsultation is an alternative means of getting a doctor’s advice on your medical complaints without having to physically go to a clinic or hospital. You are advised to register only if your complaint is non-urgent non-emergent. Please go to the nearest ER for emergencies.

These are the steps to register for the teleconsultation service:

1. Send a message to Facebook: JRBGH e-Konsulta, or call 0926-063-6242 or 0953-359- 4762, or e-mail us at jrbghinfosys@gmail.com

2. You will be asked to give or show the following: a. Informed consent for the teleconsultation b. A valid ID c. You or your patient’s (in the case of parents, guardians or authorized representatives) demographic data d. Chief complaint(s) e. COVID-19 screening questions

3. Wait for the triage doctor or nurse to contact your specialist for the day. In some cases where there is heavy traffic, you may have to wait a few days before you can be entertained. An example is dermatology cases.

4. Your specialist will ask you questions about your complaint. He or she may also ask you to send a video, photos or other supporting material to further clarify your condition.

5. Your specialist will then either give you home advice, ask you to come for a face to face consultation, or ask you to go immediately to the nearest emergency room depending on his or her assessment of your condition. He or she may also prescribe medicines via electronic prescription, request for laboratory examinations and ask you to follow up.

6. You will be asked if you have further questions or clarifications. If none, your transaction is completed.

7. Fill up the feedback form

Do you admit COVID positive patients?
If you are already COVID positive, we highly encourage you to seek admission at NMMC or other hospitals accepting COVID patients. Our COVID wards are located outside our hospital and are only temporary holding areas. Our policy is still to transfer COVID positive patients to our COVID hospital (NMMC) or the Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility Plus (TTMF+)

What diagnostic tests are available at JRBGH?
Our clinical laboratory provides diagnostics test for all inpatients and outpatients free of charge. Tests include the following:

• Complete blood count and blood typing
• Peripheral blood smear
• ESR and reticulocyte count
• Urine analysis and pregnancy test
• Stool analysis and fecal occult blood test
• Fasting blood sugar and Lipid profile
• Uric Acid, BUN, Creatinine, SGPT, SGOT
• Sodium, Potassium and Ionized Calcium
• Culture identification and sensitivity test
• Hepatitis B antigen, VDLR/RPR, and Troponin I • Prothrombin Time (PTPA) and Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT)
• Arterial blood gas (inpatients)
• Newborn screening

What diagnostics are available at the Radiology Department?
We do xrays and ultrasound for admitted patients and those who are seen at the emergency room only. We do not cater to outpatients at the moment.

Admitted patients needing echocardiograms and CT scans can avail of those at our partner institutions for free.

Do you do COVID RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Testing for outpatients?
No, we do not have the machine yet for RT-PCR testing. We send our specimens to outside laboratories we collaborate with. Our rapid antigen tests are solely for COVID suspect patients who may need to be admitted or are already admitted.

Do you give free medicines for outpatients?
If the medicines are available, our outpatients can avail of free medicines at Room 14.

How much do I pay for patient services?
JRBGH is a “no balance billing” (NBB) hospital, which means that Philhealth-qualified members who are admitted are not charged or forced to spend out of pocket for services given in government hospitals. Qualified members covered by the NBB are:
1. Indigents
2. Senior citizens
3. Sponsored members and those who are classified under Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps)
4. Kasambahay

What if I do not fall under the categories above, or I am not registered for Philhealth, or I am not eligible for Philhealth membership, or my membership has expired? Will I have to pay out of pocket?
Do not worry. JRBGH has the Philhealth Point of Service Enrollment Program, allowing all indigent members classified as financially incapable of paying for the Philhealth membership to be enrolled. Their premiums will then be shouldered by the National Government. Also, JRBGH has government programs which can give additional financial assistance for our patients. Examples are the Malasakit Program, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, and the Department of Health Medical Assistance to Indigent Patients Program fund.

What documents do I have to prepare in case I am admitted?
It is better if you bring all the documents necessary for identification and for Philhealth eligibility. These documents include:
1. Your birth certificate
2. Your marriage certificate
3. If (1) and (2) are not available, 2 government IDs with your photo
4. Your Philhealth ID (this can serve as one of your Government IDs)

How do I request for a medical certificate?
You may request for a medical certificate if you have availed of any of our consultation services (including teleconsultation), if you have been admitted, or on behalf of your relative or family member who has been admitted. You are advised to call our Medical Records Office at 0967- 972-6898 so that your documents can be retrieved and prepared. Our Medical Officer will then set an appointment for you. Please bring the following documents for the retrieval of your medical certificate:
1. Valid ID such as a birth certificate or 2 government IDs
2. Authorization letter if authorized representative
3. Any other document deemed necessary by our Medical Records Officer

Will I be allowed to have visitors?

It is your right to have visitors, but because of health measures enacted due to COVID-19, visitation rights have been terminated in the meantime.

What are the hospital’s policies?

Please see the section on hospital policies.

What are my rights and responsibilities?

Please see the section on patients’ rights and responsibilities.

What is the process for patient complaints?
The following methods are available for lodging complaints regarding our services:

Through email:                                 jrborjagenhosp@gmail.com
Through our hotline:                       0926-887-0471
In person:                                          Ms. Aurora R. Gomez
                                                            Administrative Officer

Verbal complaints will be accepted but are discouraged as they cannot be properly documented. Please give us a week to thoroughly investigate and address your concern. We will provide you with a written report of our investigation.