1. Respect our staff, other patients, and their companions. Actions that may disturb others such as smoking, drinking alcohol, use of illegal drugs, gambling, physical or verbal violence, threatening behavior, intimidation, discrimination, assault, and sexual harassment are absolutely not acceptable and shall not be tolerated in this hospital.

2. Unauthorized photography, video or audio recording is prohibited. RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 protects the fundamental human right to privacy. Consent must be sought before such actions are taken.

3. For security reasons, certain areas of the hospital are under video surveillance. This is for the protection of patients, visitors, hospital staff and hospital properties.

4. In order to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for patients, visitors and staff, visiting hours shall be limited to 10am-1pm and 3pm-9pm only. Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed inside hospital premises unless they are patients. Only two visitors shall be allowed per patient. The hospital reserves the right to revoke or revise visitation policies during certain situations including but not limited to, epidemics or pandemics.

5. All visitors and patients’ companions shall be required to register at the Guardhouse and get their pass or ID card. They shall also be required to undergo security checks, including inspection of their personal belongings, before entering hospital premises. Guns, knives, metal knuckles, razors with unguarded blades, and other instruments considered to be weapons shall be deposited with the security guard before entry.

6. JRBGH shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal property brought inside the Hospital premises.

7. Loitering shall not be allowed. No bystanders shall be allowed around the wards, OPD section, Guard House, and grounds.

8. Advertising, selling, peddling, begging, hawking, making charitable collections and offering goods and private services for sale is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Hospital. Executive Order 51 or the Philippine Milk Code especially prohibits the marketing of milk formula and milk substitutes to replace breastfeeding.

9. Only one watcher/companion shall be allowed per patient unless the attending physician or nursing staff requires two (2) watchers. Extra watchers will be advised to stay in the waiting area. Watchers shall wear IDs at all times.

10. Lying or sitting on patients’ beds is strictly prohibited to prevent cross-infection.

11. JRBGH strongly supports the breastfeeding policies of the Department of Health and the World Health Organization. Milk bottles, milk formula and pacifiers found at the OB-Gyne Ward, OB ER/Labor Room/Delivery Room, Neonatal Care Unit, neonatal ward, and other places where newborns are admitted will be confiscated unless medical indications for using milk formula can be presented.

12. All vehicles entering the Hospital premises shall be subject to inspection at the Main Gate.

13. All vehicles including ambulances shall observe the 20kph speed limit upon entering hospital premises.

14. Parking, loading, and unloading of passengers shall only be allowed in designated areas.

15. Cleanliness and proper usage of all Hospital facilities shall be observed. No vandalism, littering, spitting or posting of unauthorized material shall be tolerated.

16. Dogs, cats or any other animal are strictly not allowed into the Hospital premises.

17. Any breaches in policy or refusal to comply with instructions of staff members, doctors and nurses will result in termination of visitation rights and you may be asked to leave the premises. Your actions shall be reported immediately to the police when we determine there is a need for police intervention.