To serve and improve patient’s quality of life by assuming responsibility for patient drug therapy outcomes.


Provide standard, proficient, and compassionate pharmaceutical care and services to patients and healthcare professionals that will ensure better patient care.


To provide standard, proficient, and compassionate quality pharmaceutical services to In-Patients, Out-patients, healthcare professionals, and employees by serving adequate supply of safe, effective, and good quality drugs in appropriate dosage forms and to rationalize drug utilization in collaboration with healthcare professionals for better patient care.

Enhance service delivery through automation.

Capacity building of pharmacy workforce.


Integrity - Trustworthy and honest personnel

Professionalism - Having the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior in giving service delivery

Competence - Ability to execute the given task efficiently

Solidarity - Unity and teamwork among personnel

Hospital Pharmacy Practice Standards

Provide quality medicine and other health products appropriate to the needs of the client/patient.           

  • Implement a system of good dispensing practice in accordance with national standards, guidelines, and policies.
  • Undertake prescription validation and assessment.
  • Maintain pertinent client/patient information and medication records.
  • Promote the judicious, appropriate, safe, and effective use of prescribed medicines.
  • Fill prescriptions accurately.
  • Check the product and its label against the prescription.
  • Identifiy the client/patient when dispensing medicines.
  • Manage records with privacy and confidentiality.
  • Display additional appropriate care when dispensing antimicrobials.

Compound products in a manner that ensures product quality, safety, and efficacy.

  • Possess necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the level of compounding required.
  • Implement a systematic process of preparing compounded drug products, both sterile and non-sterile, in accordance with established standards and guidelines.
  • Compound products in accordance with recognized standards and guidelines, and as appropriate to the practice setting.
  • Optimize packaging and labeling of compounded products.

Counsel client/patient on the safe and judicious use of medicines and other health products.

  • Counsel client/patient in a structured and logical manner.
  • Tailor care and counseling according to the needs of the client/patient.
  • Utilize a range of communication methods to ensure that counseling is effective.
  • Collaborate with the client/patient to positively impact on adherence.
  • Refer to other healthcare providers or support services when appropriate.

Engage actively in client/patient safety and health promotion activities.

  • Ensure continuity of care and safety of client/patient.
  • Contribute to the management of the client/patient’s disease states.
  • Engage in health promotion, education, and disease prevention activities      

Ensure business sustainability through efficient processes and systems.

  • Manage financial viability of pharmacy business.
  • Manage human resources. 
  • Procure equipment and resources.
  • Oversee inventory management.


Out-Patient services

  • Filling of prescription
  • Patient Counseling

In-Patient services

  • Acknowledgment of medication order request thru the Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Preparation and dispensing of medicines to the different wards/units
  • Compounding of drug as prescribed by the physician

Employee and other healthcare facility services

  • Transaction for hospital use of dangerous drugs
  • S2 license application and renewal for physicians
  • Services that require contributing pharmaceutical knowledge to other healthcare professionals and employees, medical representatives and suppliers
  • Provision of prescribed medicines to patients at the City Isolation Units (CIU), Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility (TTMF), JRBGH Telemedicine patients, and the Infirmary Facility of Cagayan de Oro City Hospital.

Administrative services

  • Regulatory licenses compliance
  • Procurement Planning and Inventory Management
  • Preparation and submission of reports
  • Record filing and maintenance


Office Pharmacy Services
Classification Simple   
Type of Transaction G2C - Government to Citizen
Who may avail In-Patient and Out-Patient
Checklist of Requirements    WHERE TO SECURE






1. Presents signed and complete prescription to the pharmacist/personnel-in-charge.

1A.-Check if the Rx is valid. - Verify the details written on the Rx.


1B. If medicines are available:


-Input data into the Hospital Information System (HIS).


-Notes the total amount & the slip number reflected on the HIS to the Rx.


 -Instruct patient/client to pay to the cashier or proceed to the Social Services Office to avail medical assistance.


1-2 minutes

Pharmacist/Pharmacy Assistant

2. Patient/Client hands over the Rx and payment to the cashier;


Patient/Client hands over the Rx to the Social Services in-charge.

2. Receives payment and issues Official Receipt (OR) to patient/client.


Receives Rx, document patient details, stamps the Rx with “Charge to MAP” as a form of approval, and returns the stamped Rx to the patient/client

Total amount on the OR



1 minute


 1 minute 



Social Worker 

3. Patient/Client gives the OR and Rx to the Pharmacy-in-charge.


Patient/Client gives the Rx with Social Services’ approved assistance.

 3. Indicates OR number on the Rx.

-Stamps OR as ‘claimed’ together with the initials of the dispersing personnel.

-Issues medicine to patient/client.

-Performs patient counseling.

-Records patient’s name & OR number to OPD logbook; files Rx.

-Issues medicine to patient/client.

-Performs patient counseling.

-Records patient’s name to OPD logbook; files Rx.
 None 1 minute  Pharmacist/Pharmacy Assistant 
  1. Provides username and password to access the Hospital Information System (HIS).

1A. Encodes the medication order (on a 24-hours basis) into the computer from patient’s chart using the Hospital Information System (HIS).

1B. Acknowledgement of the 24-hours medication request:

(Acknowledgement means that charges are automatically billed to the patient).

  1. Reviews the medication requests for completeness of the data.
  2. Checks the availability of the medicine.


  • If the drugs are available:
  • Manual input of medication request to individual patient Requisition Issuance Form (RIS).
  • Preparation of the 24hrs request, double-checking of the prepared medications and packing of the double-checked medications based on individual patient RIS.
  • The names of the patient are then written in the 24-hours medication request logbook for the daily census under the corresponding wards/areas
  • Inform the respective ward that the 24-hours medication request is already available.
  • If the drug is not available:
  • Suggest an alternative drug to the prescriber through the nurse
2. Informs the prescriber for the suggested alternative drug.

2. Calls back the Pharmacy for confirmation of the request

None 30 secs - 1 minute Nurse
3. Obtains the medicines from the Pharmacy.

3. Provides a box or any container for the proper handling and safekeeping of the medicines upon dispensing.

Gives a copy of the prepared list of non-Formulary and out of stock PNF drug items based on the medication requests.

Transfers the list into individual prescriptions to be handed over to the Pharmacy for documentation purposes.


30 secs -1 minute


30 seconds


Nurse/ Ward men/Nursing Attendant

Pharmacist/Pharmacy Assistant




15 minutes