The Department of Internal Medicine of JR Borja General Hospital advances the health of those who seek help in this institution, through high quality, innovative, compassionate and patient-centered care. The department also serves as an advocate for patient’s health.


We aspire to be a model department in delivering exceptional healthcare management through comprehensive advancement of quality medical services and become effective advocate for disease prevention and control in the year 2025.


The Department of Internal Medicine values:

  • Professionalism as demonstrated by integrity, accountability, fairness and treating everyone with kindness, compassion and respect.
  • Patient-centeredness as the core of our endeavors and we demonstrate this by having highly satisfied patients and families.
  • Teamwork, as we are more effective together than as individuals.
  • Stewardship of our resources as this will allow us to sustain and grow our mission.

Programs and Committees

An internist can be a member, head or co-chair of a committee in the hospital:

  • National TB Program
  • Patient Health Records/Forms Committee
  • Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee
  • Infection Prevention and Control Committee
  • Nutrition Committee
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Committee
  • Other Committees as may be designated

Organizational Chart


Name Position
Cherry L. Vicente, MD. FPCP Chairperson
Frances Ina B. Palencia, M.D. FPCP Vice Chairperson
Cherry Lou R. Pepino, M.D. FPCP Training Officer
Menchie O. Amodia M.D. Member
Rodwick Barriga, M.D. DPCP Member
Iris Gail H. Linog, M.D. FPCP Member
Ann Charise Macaibay, M.D.DPCP Member
Patrick Macapondag, M.D. DPCP Member
Cynthia B. Magdale, M.D. FPCP Member
Zhy Andrea Mruillo, M.D. DPCP Member
Marie Hyacinth C. Tumara, M.D. FPCP Member