Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver fast, accurate, and complete health information services in support of J.R. Borja General Hospital's goal of providing compassionate quality patient care.

Our Vision

We use state of the art technology and a patient-centered focus, acting as safekeepers of patient data and hospital information, able to deliver accurate and complete information where and when it is needed in a timely manner.

Our Values

We believe that these core values form the foundation of the services we provide the hospital and our patients and clients.

 Integrity. We act honestly, respectfully and ethically in our work for the well-being of our staff, patients, and clients. We comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations in maintaining the integrity of hospital records.

 Patient/client-focused. We ensure that our patients, clients and hospital staff are satisfied with the services we provide.

Confidentiality. We will protect the confidentiality and privacy of all patient, employee, and organizational information.

Quality. We partner proactively with our clients, patients and other hospital staff to provide high quality health information services, continually monitoring, measuring, and improving our outcomes.

Competence. We commit to the highest professional standards in actions and decisions regarding the services we give.

Systems thinking. We understand and work innovatively and creatively within the complexity of the healthcare system to provide integrated and unified health information services.

Our Goals

The HIMU shall provide effective and efficient service to clients of the J.R. Borja General Hospital and shall meet the following objectives and standards:

Improve the accessibility of the health records;

Ensure the creation and maintenance of quality and standardized Medical Records for every patient treated;

Ensure that data are electronically recorded using a health record system validated by the DOH in compliance with the electronic medical record (EMR) implementation;

Encourage greater utilization of healthcare facility statistical reports;

Assist in strengthening quality programs of the hospital (Patient Safety, Continuous Quality Improvement, Infection Prevention and Control, Risk Management);

Participate in research and studies which the facility, members in the medical and allied staff, and other authorized researchers are engaged in;

Implement staff development