• The Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics Service is organized to promote optimal nutrition and other related services of patients, hospital personnel and other stakeholders regardless of race, religion, social status and political belief through the provision of a high quality food service.
  • Diet is one of the most critical necessities of human growth and development and is directly related to good health. It provides the most appropriate means of maintaining vitality, developing resistance to infections and organic deterioration, The control of many disease processes, and recovery of health and function following illness and injury.
  • Nutrition and Dietetics personnel must be oriented, guided and regularly evaluated in their work within the context of prevailing focal conditions in order to attain efficient output; and
  • Nutrition and dietetics Service goals can be best attained through the cooperation, coordination, mutual understanding, and dedication of all those concerned with quality patient care.


To be a premier provider of nutrition care and quality food service to patients, hospital personnel and other stakeholders and to set the highest standards of excellence and integrity in the practice of hospital nutrition and dietetics.


In order to achieve optimal nutrition, there has to be:

  1. A well organized and innovative plan of action governed by effective utilization of resources.
  2. Highest quality of nutrition care and food service.
  3. Commitment to provide nutrition education to patients, personnel, and other stakeholders.
  4. Continuing research and development on nutrition and dietetics.



To maintain and enhance the health of the patients, personnel and other stakeholders by providing them with high quality, safe and nutritious food to attain maximum care at minimum cost.


  1. To provide and to serve safe, nutritious, palatable and appetizing food through careful planning, wise procurement and preparation of balanced and satisfying meals within budget allocation.
  2. To provide diet prescription in coordination with the nutrition team.
  3. To provide diet counselling and nutrition education services to patients.
  4. To promote and maintain coordination with other departments in the hospital towards total patient care.